Metalworking service

How do we do this

Increase your competitiveness using our knowledge and supplier network!

Companies often looking for Hungarian suppliers, but to find the perfect supplier who delivers high-quality product on time on valuable price can be a real challenge and a big risk. It is true especially when the chosen supplier resides in a different country, far away from the possibility of a personal meeting, speaking their own language only.

Even more challenging if manufacturing requires more technology, so more suppliers need to be involved. Often these kinds of cooperations can turn into a real logistic nightmare.

This is where we can help you and your company: with many years of field experience in the role of Engineering, Production Planning, Purchasing, Quality Control, and Logistics, Yonix Trade is here to help!

The below timeline shows our process.


Receiving your inquiry

Our well-trained staff discusses all the necessary details with you in a short period of time in order to determine your exact needs.

We can process all major file format, also we can offer FTP access for big amount of data.


Quoting our suppliers

Based on the determined requirements we are choosing the right subcontractors for the job.

We have NDA with all of our subcontractors so your drawings will be safe!


Comparing offers

Comparing the received offers from our subcontractors, based on the lead time, capacity, and price.

Choosing the best which meets every requirement.


Providing our offer

Our offer will be calculated tailored for your need, whether it is unique manufacturing or small to high volume serial production.


Accepting our offer

If you are satisfied with our offer, we are glad to receive your order.


Arranging the production

We make sure that your products are manufactured on time, even if it requires multiple subcontractors.


Checking before shipping

Our expectations on quality are visible on the finished parts no matter it is a simple manufactured part or an assembly. Our partner's ISO certifications are intended to ensure this.

We will check your finished products prior to dispatch to make sure you will receive 100% perfect goods.


Delivering in safe packaging

Once everything is checked we wrap your products in safe and environmentally friendly packaging and deliver it for you using a courier or a freight forwarder.