Manual Production Systems

From workstation to complex manual assembly line

What do we offer?

Our team specialized in Bosch Rexroth aluminum profile systems and basic mechanical elements, knowing that using these well designed “Lego” elements there is no limit in what can be achieved in customization.


Our main capabilities


Standard multi-scope workstations:

The main advantage of using multi-scope worktables is their adaptability to all kinds of production environments and quick set up to meet the challenges of modern production facilities.

Manual workstations with material flow

The key to having high productivity is by developing optimal work conditions for your operators. The operator needs to be able to access all necessary components and tools fast, to produce high quantities, and comfortably, to avoid fatigue.

Complex manual assembly lines

Manual assembly lines lose the flexibility of individual workstations but compensate for the productivity and quality of your production. Material flow is combined with ergonomy and manual assembly aided tools to archive the best productivity and quality of your production.

Material flow rack: FIFO rack

FIFO racks are designed to separate preassembled components and finished products in your production area. Though a simple idea, FIFO racks can grow into complex systems on their own in a modern production environment. A complex FIFO rack can include automatic empty box return, pick-to-light signaling systems, min/max warning systems, and much more!

Material flow rack: Tubular framing systems

Tubular aluminum profiles are a cost-effective solution for creating the accessories required for your day to day production. Although they are much less rigid than the profiled aluminum systems, they can give your high customization level to your constructions. Using one standard size and few connecting elements you can combine all elements and also reuse them in later configurations.

Material flow rack: Complex material flow systems

Material flow units can be integrated into becoming complex material feeding systems with clearly defined and transparent configurations to assure fast finding of material when needed. Combining kanban information boards with modular FIFO racks can assure the possibility to change any configuration to your needs and space limitations.

Protective walls and fence systems

Protective elements can be designed to ensure maximum efficiency in floor space and they are highly reusable in later configurations if necessary.

Access of maintenance technicians to the automated production area can be assured through sliding doors. These sliding doors are designed so that enable easy opening and closing due to its rollers but also assure 100% safety when they are closed.