Company Profile

Every customer demand requires something different. Wheter it is a simple turned part or a complex welded assembly made of bended sheet metals and turned parts even with special surface treatment. It is important to cater the needs, listen to the customer’s requirements. Our goal is to find the perfect individual solution for all the production requirements and provide them as a whole package.

Yonix Trade’s extensive supplier network includes tested and certified manufacturers and service providers. Using their knowledge and capacity, we can cover almost all kind of metal machinery works.

Whether you are looking for an individual part manufacturing or a complete package of parts, we have the right solution for you.


About us

Yonix Trade was founded by Norbert Bacsa and Istvan Pszota in 2014 and expanded with Gabor Ujvari in 2017. Before establishing the company both CEO spent years at an international manufacturing company. During these years they realized the potential of the Hungarian manufacturers and the gap between them and the potential customers outside Hungary.

Our company is doing it’s best to fill this gap by building a comprehensive subcontractor database, covering almost every segment of metal machinery industry. From traditional turners and millers throughout CNC turners and millers, 2D & 3D laser cutters, sheet and pipe benders, welders and surface treatment providers. Using this tested and certified subcontractor database, we are able to offer more machinery capability than a single workshop.

With our service customers can save time on searching for new supply chain in Hungary and yet they can get the best service (manufacturing capability, on-time production and price) tailored for their needs.

If you feel that you can get benefits using our service, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to serve you!